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After 18 years in practice serving the Anchorage community with compassionate, respectful integrative health care, the Alaska Family Wellness Center is closing its doors effective September 30, 2014 and I begin retirement.  This decision comes after a great deal of deliberation on the part of my wife, Marsha and me.  We are ready to start a new and exciting time of our lives in Colorado with adventures and opportunities to provide service and caring to others.

I am pleased to announce that we have arranged for the merging of our patient care with Summit Family Practice under the direction of Dr. Lynn Hornbein, a board certified family physician just as I am.  Dr. Hornbein is that wonderful mix of a highly competent veteran with decades of experience blended with a gentle, thoughtful manner that speaks her commitment to respectful, patient centered health care.  Every practice has its own personality. Summit Family Practice is an environment where patients feel the sort of personal interest in their health that everyone desires and deserves.

Some of you may choose to be seen at a different clinic. In that case, you will need to contact Alaska Family Wellness Center with at least a week’s notice for a copy of your notes to be saved to a CD for transport to your new clinic.  The first disk will be provided at no charge if requested before October 1, 2014. A replacement disk or request after October 1, 2014 will require a $20 fee for a records copy.  There will be no charge at any time for a records transfer to Summit Family Practice.

To have your records transferred to your new provider of choice, or to receive a copy for your personal use, simply complete our Release of Information form, forward it to our office and we will process your request after any remaining scheduled services have been provided, so that you have a complete copy of your medical record.

Please know that we will be following the strictest standards for compliance with all the HIPAA guidelines for privacy of all Personal Health Information as well as guidelines of the Alaska State Medical Board and insurance companies.

Visits, refills, referrals, letters or health services related interactions with insurance companies will need to be completed by the end of practice September 30, 2014. I will then be working with administrative staff over the next several weeks following the clinic closure to complete insurance billing, resolve outstanding balances including credits, and to sell and close out all clinic materials.

The final details of the transfer to Summit Family Practice is being settled in the next several days or weeks and you will be kept updated on these final details.

I would like to express my personal “thank you” to the many people who have honored me with their trust and determination to find new ways to be well and battle the challenges of illness.  Sometimes I have not known the answer or been wrong in my decision-making process and you have been patient and forgiving when you bumped into my human fallibility.  I wish for each and every one of you the very best of Life’s joys and challenges as you strive to more clearly see the Loving Light within

Wishing you good health!

Michael S. Fischer, MD

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