Office Information

Insurance Rights and Responsibilities

As a service to patients to ease their interactions with the medical insurance system, we provide complimentary insurance billing services with the exception of TriCare/TriWest.  Tracking insurance coverage and dealing with insurance company problems is ultimately your responsibility.  You are responsible to pay your bills for services provided, regardless of insurance coverage.  The health care providers at Alaska Family Wellness Center are preferred providers for Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Aetna.  We are not accepting new patients who are covered by Medicare.  We are accepting patients who have TriCare but, as stated, we will not bill the company.  TriCare patients will be considered self paying patients. We can, however, provide you the paperwork to submit your own claims to TriCare.

If you are not sure if a service is covered by your insurance, please contact your insurance company prior to your appointment to see what percentage of the service provided you will be responsible for.  Payment of your deductible, if not already met, and your copay are required at the time of service.

In some instances, your provider may order services or testing which are independent from AFWC.  Such organizations include: X-ray facilities, therapy facilities and diagnostic centers.  If you use Laboratory Corporation of America, you will be billed through our office.  As of March 17, 2014, Blue Cross-insured patients will receive a separate billing statement from LabCorp per BCBS policy.   As of July 18, 2014, Aetna patients will receive a separate billing statement from LabCorp.  All other organizations will directly bill you and your insurance company for their services.

Your insurance company may pay on charges according to their usual and customary fee scale.  AFWC fees are set independently from national insurance guidelines.  In the event your insurance company determines a service to be “not covered” or “above the usual or customary charges,” you will be responsible for the balance.

Arrangements should be made with our billing department for past due accounts.  We want to help work with you in setting a payment arrangement that will help you pay your account without affecting your credit.  We can work out payment plans, if necessary.

For any account which is not paid in full within 60 days of final payments from insurance, we will contact you via US mail, e-mail or telephone to collect the delinquent balance.  At this time, you will be required to pay in full or set up an approved payment plan using a credit or debit card in Phreesia, patient check-in system.  Your scheduled payments will be automatically charged by the system and the receipt e-mailed to you for your records.

Phreesia also offers a “credit card on file” feature that securely stores your card information to be used for office visits, patient balances and other in-office purchases such as nutritional supplements or essential oils.

Refill Policies

We expect patients to monitor their need for medication refills.  Please send us your request before you run out of medication.  It is our policy that we need at least 2 business days’ notice for refills.  We request that patients contact the pharmacy directly to send refill requests to AFWC.  It is good medical care to maintain ongoing supervision of patients on medications.  There may be occasions when your provider will request a lab study before refilling your prescription.  For your safety, your provider will meet with you in person to make sure your medications are best suited for your health concerns and to review your health for refills or changes in medications.