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Laboratory Testing

Vials of fluid on a lab formFor the convenience of our patients, we have highly skilled medical assistants trained in phlebotomy who can draw blood on site for laboratory studies ordered by your provider. We offer conventional laboratory testing through LabCorp. Our medical assistants are in the office at 8:15 am most days and are available to do draws until 4:30 pm.

We also offer a wide array of non-conventional laboratory assessments for diet, toxicity, gastrointestinal functions and more. Many of these labs are done through Genova Diagnostics, Doctor’s Data, Metametrix, MedTox and Great Plains Laboratory.

We would like to remind patients when you have a fasting lab draw you need to fast for a full 12 hours. This means nothing to eat or drink except water for the whole 12 hours. You can take your regular prescribed medications, with water, while fasting but please skip your nutritional supplements and/or herbs as they can alter your true test results.  It’s important to be well-hydrated for blood draws as it your vein is easier to find and the draw is less painful.