Our Providers

Dr. Michael Fischer

Dr. Michael FischerA board-certifed Family Physician, Dr. Fischer explores all aspects of a person’s health and wellness.  This is based on a philosophy of medical care known as Integrative Medicine.  Using this approach, he combines the best of conventional and natural medicine to achieve maximum health and wellness.

Ten years of mental health experience prior to entering medicine have helped Dr. Fischer appreciate the importance of psychological, emotional and spiritual issues in a person’s health.  He works to help his patients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their health challenges.  Dr. Fischer utilizes all resources, including the full range of health care practitioners available.  He employs a wide range of tools such as nutritional and botanical modalities, medical acupuncture and prolotherapy as well as conventional approaches to help a patient bring about the deeper changes leading to health.  He has completed extensive training in Prolotherapy, an injection technique for chronic joint pain associated with weakness of ligaments and tendons.

As a family practitioner, he has received specialized training in caring for the full range of people, from newborns through elders.  Dr. Fischer completed medical school at the University of New Mexico in 1988.  He completed Family Practice residency at the University of Utah in 1991.  Following residency, he has extensively studied acupuncture, functional and integrative medicine as well as regenerative medicine including prolotherapy and autologous stem cell therapy.  Dr. Fischer is board-certified through the American Board of Family Physicians.



Mark Swircenski, PA-C

Mark Swircenski, PA-CMark Swircenski is a certified Physician’s Assistant with over 28 years experience in medicine. Mark is board certified in Primary Care, having scored in the top 10% of the nation on his board exams. Mark is also board certified in the Clinical Sciences of Anti Aging Medicine.

Mark has a broad base of experience to draw on.  Mark joined the Air Force in 1973 and went through training as an Aeromedical Specialist graduating with honors. In 1984 Mark graduated second in his class from the USAF Physician Assistant Program and was commissioned an Air Force Officer.  Mark and his family moved from Homestead AFB, Florida to Elmendorf AFB, Alaska in 1989, where he worked in Family Practice. In 1995 – Mark worked for three months in a Cuban refugee camp before retiring from the Air Force with 23 years of service. After his “retirement” Mark began studying and working with a well known Anchorage cardiologist, Gary Archer, M.D., who died in a whitewater rafting accident in 1997.

Mark came to Alaska Family Wellness Center in 1998 well-schooled in traditional medicine. Mark had a strong desire to learn and incorporate alternative and natural approaches to health care into his practice. To accomplish this, he drew on Dr. Fischer’s vast knowledge in this area and also took courses from the Institute of Functional Medicine, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

Mark has a keen interest in environmental and food allergies. He has received training in sub-lingual immunotherapy and has made this novel treatment available for the benefit of our patients. Sub-lingual immunotherapy is a no-shots allergy and asthma treatment, which is safe, simple and effective. About 80 % of patients experience significant relief of allergy symptoms within three months. Many medical studies have documented its effectiveness and the World Health Organization has recently endorsed this method of treatment.

Mark takes a “holistic” approach in dealing with patients and integrates the best of traditional Western medical practices with the best of what is sometimes referred to as “natural” or “alternative” medicine. By doing this, he focuses on prevention -  through nutrition, diet, and exercise; use of the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques; and prescribed combinations of drugs and/or botanical medicines, supplements, bio-identical hormones, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, or stress-management techniques.